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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Veganmofo III - Songs and Poetry - Ode to a Cupcake

Veganerrific Point #3: A treat really is a treat when you're vegan.

Ode to a Cupcake

Look at you, so perfectly round and small,
On top: swirls of icing and a red cherry
Makes you somewhat resemble a nipple –
In a good way – you make me feel merry!

I bought you from the SAFE shop on K Road
You were made by the NZ Cupcake Queen
I saw you and was burdened with this load:
Is choosing you for your beauty too mean?

But cupcake, oh cupcake, how I was wrong
For you, beauty is more than just skin deep
I gazed at your loveliness for so long
But your taste on my tongue made my heart weep.

Yes, cupcake – thank-you for being cruelty free
Biting into you makes my taste buds dance
If only you knew what you mean to me
Your beauty and taste put me in a trance.

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