Being vegan is terrific.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

World Vegetarian Day

Veganerrific Point #2: Being vegan sends positive karma out into the world

It's just past lunchtime and I'm already having such a fabulous day. The weather is being typical spring Auckland weather (rain sun rain rain sun rain sun sun sun rain) but it's still a beautiful day outside, the trees are looking luscious thanks to all this rain. My cat is going crazy with the wind as always, she spent most of the morning chasing a twisty tie across the ground and then attacking my feet in a bid to get me to feed her more.
Well my fantastic news is that I finally found a place to live. It's the place I really wanted, a cute little cottage with great views of the sea, it should be gorgeous in summer. That's a huge relief, I can now start to really attack my "to do" list.
My Kenwood Chef also arrived today, I'm looking forward to unpacking that! When I've got the time I'm going to give making my own pasta a go with the pasta machine and I'm looking forward to the healthy coleslaws and things I'll be making with the slicer and shredder. Best of all, though, is the delicious cupcakes and brownies and cookies I'll be making! Yum!
To celebrate World Vegetarian Day I bought myself a delicious vegan pie and a coconut Lara Bar for lunch - was an awesome treat. The pie was lentil curry and it was divine, probably the best pie pastry I've ever tasted.
My life is really sorting itself out lately and I'm feeling so much happier and positive about everything. I truly put that down to my decision to adopt a vegan lifestyle - it's just about sending out positive karma.
Well on another note, I'm looking forward to beginning VeganMofo later on... Watch this space!

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  1. Cats are so funny in the wind aren't they!
    Lucky you with your Kenwood Chef - I so need to get myself one of those (and a Pasta Machine, and a Soya Milk maker and an ice-cream maker....the list is endless)
    Happy Mofo'ing.